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Typical table structure should be like this:



1 2 3
4 5 6

The only difference between {{TBT}} and {{TB}} is that TBT has a |- at the top of it to separate that row from the next. Therefore, it should go at the top of each row.

{{TCS|Object to go in field|X}} Will add a "colspan" to the table, where "X" is the number of columns you want to take over. {{TCs|Object to go in field|X}} will do the same, but with rows.

{{TRsT|Object to go in field|X}} will do a rowspan for the first column of the table's row. The only difference being that there is a "|-" at the top of it.

{{TCRs|Object to go in field|X|Y}} will add both a rowspan and a colspan. "X" is the rowspan number and "Y" is the colspan number in this case.